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Mac SoftRAID, SoftRAID 2017 Mac Apple has ceased to work actively on AppleRAID in 2009 and deleted full support for it in El Capitan. If you have ever had a problem with the volume of your AppleRAID, you were still blocked. Well, but this same volume with SoftRAID Mac Crack allows you to copy without any files from one volume to another. Mac SoftRAID You can only convert your tape and mirror to AppleRAID and SoftRAID volumes. Your volume will be just as fast or faster and will benefit you from fame, speed, reliability, and support in SoftRAID.

Mac SoftRAID

Hardware Raid controller

  1. SoftRAID now available in 4 languages.
  2. SoftRAID supports RAID, RAID 5 and RAID 1 + 0 volume .
  3. You can convert your volume by aggregating AppleRAID tapes to a RAID volume of 1 + 0.
  4. SoftRAID can also create RAID  and RAID volumes.
  5. You can test a disc before you start using it to oversee, to identify errors.
  6. Also, you can notify the SoftRAID monitor by e-mail when there is a problem.
  7. The Monitor SoftRAID always monitors your volumes and volumes.
  8. You can create multiple RAID volumes.
  9. Any amount of SoftRAID can support up to 16 hard drives.
  10. The hard drives can also have different pens, giving you more flexibility and higher performance.
  11. This level of flexibility and performance of the hardware RAID can not be.
  12. SoftRAID RAID 1 + 0 volumes present a great combination of speed, simplicity.
  13. RAID volumes are faster than RAID 1 + 0 volumes.
  14. SoftRAID RAID volumes are ideal for reading and writing large files.
  15. They are also good for small files that are often read but rarely written.
  16. If a hard disk in a tape grouped by bands fails, you lose all the files on that volume.
  17. A volume of SoftRAID can help protect against the failure of the drive.
  18. hardware errors and a backup strategy to protect your business from theft, fire, floods and other disasters.
  19. The mirror volumes provide maximum protection.
  20. Thunderbolt 2 field assigned the advanced RAID software.
  21. Most RAID products only protect you from loss of files when a hard drive fails.
  22. It can also detect when a hard disk has become unreliable.

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