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iPhone Backup Extractor Crack plus keygen Free Download

iPhone Backup Extractor 2019 Mac users a light-oriented application. It allows you to quickly search your iOS device backup files and recover lost data. iPhone Backup Extractor is an explicit OS X application that provides the tools to recover lost data from your IOS backup file with just a few mouse clicks restore.

Recover lost data from backup iTunes and iCloud files without restoring the entire image with the help of iPhone Backup Extractor, you can return entered calendar, photos, contacts, SMS, videos, notes and data location as well as application data entries.

All in all, if you need to restore data from backups to your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you do not need to search further than the iPhone Backup Extractor.

This easy-to-use tool from the ground up is designed to provide you with the necessary means to recover whatever it is, photos and videos of the last record and note that you created on your iOS device.

How to use it?

You can also view your history of calls and mailbox. You can retrieve saved games, view, debugging information. The great thing about the iPhone Backup Extractor is that you can access all models of the iPhone 3 G, but also the iPod Touch or iPad.

It is compatible with all versions of iTunes and iOS. Note that the application might also work with backups stored in your iCloud account.

iPhone Backup Extractor is also able to convert the data into CSV, ICAL, VCard or HTML files you can with third-party applications.

The information about all selected backup file to analyze and preview the files before extracting iPhone Backup Extractor comes with a simple user interface that allows you to choose the backup file that you want to restore the data.

iPhone Backup Extractor Crack + Keygen

iPhone Backup Extractor CrackFeature:

    1. Mac iPhone Backup Extractor crack.
    2. which is selected, you will see detailed information about the device.
    3. such as camera model, serial number, firmware, IMEI and more.
    4. In addition, the utility can provide information about the type of data.
    5. that is available on the chest of the backup and provides you with the ability to extract the files directly.
    6. In addition, iPhone Backup Extractor has a preview mode that keeps the entries ordered by the application.
    7. In the same area, you have access to “expert” mode where you can search the navigation information in hierarchical folders.
    8. Last but not least, you’ll see information about installed applications and associated files that you can extract.
    9. The recovered data in the file formats compatible with various third-party.
    10. applications using the iPhone Backup Extractor, you can also quickly and effortlessly.
    11. extract the above data to the location of your choice.
    12. More experienced users can also try the expert mode and browse.
    13. the entire backup folder and retrieve the selected files.
    14. In addition, using the file menu, you can easily.
    15. convert your database to contacts for files, vCard, vCard.
    16. CSV, a database of calendar ACL or CSV files.

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