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[MacOs Sierra]

Sierra Mac10.13.6, Sierra 2019 Mac that it was created for those of you who prefer to skip the hassle of installing a new operating system on a newly formatted disk. The Virgin OS was never launched and are prompted to create a user account. For this recovery, divided on a Mac volume GUID: use Apple Disk utility to restore a fresh volume or your preferred drive copy tool.

Crack the Mac debuted on the Mac, with new features for the office. Your Mac works with iCloud and your Apple tablets differently and smart features that simplify your photos, music, and e-mail more pleasantly.

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Automatically store all files on your desktop and in your Documents folder in iCloud and access all of your devices. Keep the same office and the “Documents” folder on the other Mac simply free space on your Mac with optimized storage.Sierra

MacOS sierra 10.13.6

  1. Make a difference, with the question, Siri, the intelligent assistant now on your Mac.
  2. Enjoy your favorite features of iOS, but also the new optimized for Mac.
  3. Send messages, create reminders, browse the web, and more as you work.
  4. Drag or copy and paste the Siri results into your documents.
  5. Staple the Siri results in the message center and refer to later.
  6. Files, adjust the settings and the correct system information asks Siri to get along.
  7. Copy and paste between your devices with Universal Clipboard.
  8. Automatically connect to your Mac when your Apple Watch does not need to enter your password.
  9. Enjoy the convenience and security of Apple pay when you make purchases on the Internet.
  10. Use Apple to make payment easy and secure when you are shopping in Safari on your Mac.
  11. Complete the purchase with Touch ID on your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  12. Access files on your Mac from your iPhone using iCloud Desktop Desktop / Documents.
  13. Track your shipments image through an interactive map of the world.
  14. Liven up your conversations of messages.
  15. Watch excerpts from web content and watch accurate video web during a conversation.
  16. Answer messages with quick, practice tap backs. Express yourself with 3 x more big emoji.
  17. See the stickers, tap digital ink, invisible and handwritten messages that friends send their iOS devices.

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Automatically saves the files rarely used in iCloud, where they will be available upon request. Extra tools delete files you do not need to save even more space. Working with tabs in your preferred without accepting the developer requires third-party applications. Keep an eye on the big game or your favorite videos with the picture in picture.

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A video window of Safari or iTunes to float on your desktop while you work. Place the image in the image window at any angle, and it stays in place when you pass areas or full-screen mode.

Enjoy favorite and forget your photo memories library times. Show your pictures in them. Photos use an advanced face detection technology for automatically matching the same person group photos. Look for your photos as in them, the beaches, dogs or concerts, thanks to smart search objects and scenes to recognize.

System Requirements

Mac Platform: Intel

OS version: OS X 10.7 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

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